Grounding Meditation on Gaia and reiki healing

Friday 18th June 7pm - 8pm GMT / 8pm - 9pm CET

I will guide you through meditation via Zoom online. We will focus on the connection with our Gaia or Mother Earth. Sometimes we feel distracted or lost from our true potential or desire or the way we want to live life. That is the moment when we are more in our heads. When we are well grounded and connected with ourselves we take action in our life from a stable place. It is important to connect ourselves and ground ourselves before any work or movement we do every day. We will feel more supported and nurtured. During our lives, we often forget that we are part of Mother Earth and she is part of ourselves. We are connected. We often forget that we take so much from her, but not giving back. She nurtures and supports us and keeps us alive. Let me guide you through meditation for the deeper connection of your body and mind and send you the healing energy of Reiki.

We will do simple meditation techniques like focusing on breath, body, visualization.

After meditation, I will send you Reiki healing energy for about 30 mins.

Everyone is welcome!

Price of £5 or 150 CZK via Paypal or contact me for account details.

If you are in a struggle with finances, please feel free to contact me by email to or by WhatsApp 00447596939454 or phone 00420725444394



You will receive the link after paying for the session.

Looking forward for Friday!

                                         Karolina xx









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