Mama Earth Meditation & Reiki healing

Friday 9th October 7pm - 8pm BST / 8pm - 9pm CEST

I will guide you through meditation via Zoom online. We will focus on the connection with Mama Earth. Sometimes we feel distracted or lost from our true potential or desire or way we want to live the life. That is the moment when we are more in our heads. When we are well grounded and connected with Mother Earth we take action in our life from a stable place. It is important to connect ourselves and ground ourselves before any work or movement we do every day. We will feel more supported and nurtured. Mama Earth is a very good eater of the energy that doesn't serve us anymore. Let me guide you through meditation for deeper relaxation of your body and mind and send you the healing energy of Reiki.

We will do simple meditation techniques like focusing on breath, body, sound around us, and visualization.

After meditation, I will send you Reiki healing energy for about 30 mins.

Everyone is welcome!

Prize of £5 or 120 CZK via Paypal or contact me for account details.




Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 880 3800 9722
Passcode: 301247

Look forward to seeing you on Friday xx










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